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Sunday , April 10 , 2005


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Blergh Sunday , April 10 , 2005

Current Mood: Excited--well, as much as one can be when they're sick

Current Music: Gino Vanelli--Fallen in Love

Wai!! Chapter 2 has begun!!! Well, sort of. This is just the title page. No it doesn't count as an official page. The title page of the last chapter The Wallflower, didn't have a number, so neither does this one... unless it's a point five. I'm going to eventually put up this character's bio. You will be meeting her shortly. I'm also working on revamping most, if not all the bios--the info stays the same... It's the images that have to go. Some are going first before others. Because some are good the way they are... I'm quite happy with them in comparison to the others. Such as Wicke, Lotus, Kite, and Blanco. They're good. So if I eventually redo them, it won't be anytime soon. The biggest problem I had with the images is that... Well, I kind of let myself forget that this was January they were in France... Yeah, it's cold. No t-shirts... Bad idea. So doing them again with their perpetual sweaters, well at least until March, then it's time to get ready for the rainy season. Ewwwww~~ but it'll be fun for me! I'm curious as to whom people are coupling with who... But since I assume I don't have many readers, I don't think it really matters all that much. But I assure you, the French femme above will be a wrench in the story!! WOOOO!!

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